SealMAX ES-255 SealFilm

Lidding Film that seals to just about any material, including PP, CPET, APET, PS, and coated paperboard. Seal stregth can vary from easy peel to weld seal by simply adjusting the temperature.

SealMAX PP-190 SealFilm

Llidding film for use with Polypropylene plastic that offers a high-strength weld seal at a low cost.

SealMAX SteamFilm
SteamFilm creates a "Pressure Cooker" in the microwave, allowing a controlled release of steam while locking in the nutrients, reducing cooking time, and improving taste and texture.

Specialty Films
SealMAX provides customized film for just about any application. If you need high-barrier, breathable, metalized, anti-fog, or biodegradable properties for lidding or wrapping film, contact us to fnd the solution.

SealMAX SealFilm for HPP

Lidding Film designed for high demands of HPP (High Pressure Processing) food packaging. The strong seal to many rigid plastic trays withstands the HPP process of over 80,000 PSI of pressure.

SealMAX SealFilm for CPET

Llidding film designed for the for CPET containers which can often be difficult for other films to seal to. Seal stregth is adjustable form an easy peel to a seal so strong you can stand on it!


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