Plastic Cups

Cups are of course a natural when it comes to drinks. An especially good fit is a polypropylene cup (see below) combined with our PP-190 SealFilm. This creates a completely airtight, spill-proof, tamper evident package that wont leak even when dropped. When the consumer is ready to drink, a straw simply pops through the film. Of coure, our ES-255 SealFilm works great as well, especially when packages food or snacks like nuts, trail mix, candy, chopped fruit, or yogurt parfaits. If you choose several cups sizes with the same rim size (such as the 16, 20, and 24 ounce cups below) these can all be sealed with the SealMAX CTS-528 cup sealer with no adjustments at all. To accomodate more than one rim size, additional tooling is available.

Below are just a few examples of what is available. Also popular are portion cups as small as 1/2 ounce, or even large paperboard cups at 44 ounces or larger for popcorn or other products. Please contact us to find out what other sizes and materials are available.

  Part Number Description Dimensions
NC10 10 ounce PP cup 3.0625" x 3.875"
12 ounce PP cup
3.625" x 4.2"
16 ounce PP cup
3.875" x 4.7"
20 ounce PP cup
3.875" x 5.4375"
24 ounce PP cup
3.875" x 5.875"

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